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Midway HS Agriculture Mechanics Students Learn Airbrushing

There are many students at Midway HS that have a strong interest in Agricultural Mechanics. Some of those students dream of having a career in diesel mechanics, auto-body, welding, etc. and some simply enjoy it as a hobby. As they think about what they want to do after HS, custom airbrushing is probably last on the list or never even thought about.

However, that may have changed back in January when professional airbrush artist, Tom Banks, stopped by for a demonstration. The students had the opportunity to have a fascinating, up-close, look at the art of airbrushing. Tom Banks owns his own airbrush business, and has worked all over the world, featured on top automotive magazines and TV shows, and does custom work for movie stars, athletes and musicians. He is also an instructor at Ohio Technical College/ PSI.

He made the trip to Midway High School for the 2nd year in a row. His goal is to introduce students to something that is not only exciting and interesting, but also a career that is extremely profitable. As you watch him paint, one would think that in order to be successful you must have a strong artistic background, however Tom says that isn’t the case. According to him, he can’t draw stick figure, but that’s a little hard to believe as he can paint like a pro!

"There is so much misinformation out there about what it takes to do this work," Banks said. "Everyone thinks you need to be an artist or you need to have an automotive background. I was no different in thinking that. I always thought this was talent as opposed to skill. That's just not true."

He emphasized that students do not need to have incredible artistic skills to master airbrush painting as many objects in his designs were created from stencils. He also demonstrated how to create different effects using colors, highlights and depth.

"At the end of the day students are able to see this process from start to finish, and the demo allows them to watch it come alive before their eyes," he said.

"They understand every single step involved. A lot of people have an interest in custom cars, rods, and custom paint, the misunderstanding keeps people from getting into this, and I like taking down those walls."

Once Tom did his demonstration, each student had the opportunity to practice what he had just taught! This was a great day of learning, and applying what they learned in class the week prior.

Fun with the Kindergarten Classes- Teaching Plant Science with Pumpkins

The Midway HS Agriscience class visited the kindergartners at Midway Elementary back in October to teach them about Plant Science. Since it was just before halloween, we used pumpkins to teach the unit.

In preparation for the day, my students wrote a story about pumpkins and the process of starting them from a seed, then the books were read to a Kindergarten student.

We set up a pumpkin patch on the playground, then, the high school students took the K students outside to choose a pumpkin which they got to bring inside and paint with the help of his/her partner. The students cut open a pumpkin and talked about the seeds, as well as growing pumpkins. It was a fun experience for both the Kindergartners and the high school students! I am attaching some pictures from our day.

FFA Pumpkin Day at Midway Elementary FFA Pumpkin Day at Midway Elementary
FFA Pumpkin Day at Midway Elementary FFA Pumpkin Day at Midway Elementary

Midway FFA Chapter Gives Back to the Veterans 2015-2016

Members of Midway High School FFA, partnered with their Agriscience class and high school football team for a community service project to help East Tennessee veterans during the holidays and the winter season. They put together 500 snack bags and 55 care sets that included a sweatshirt, sweatpants, winter socks, hats and gloves. The project stemmed from an Agriscience lesson related to leadership and identified various community service opportunities through the FFA. The students worked in groups and were responsible for planning a project that involved their community and school. Through the FFA chapter and the agriscience class, they set goals, wrote letters to teachers, asked for donations from area businesses and completed a fundraiser with 100 percent of the money going toward this project. The money enabled the students to put together the snack bags and care sets. Additionally, 200 sets of winter socks, hats and gloves were donated, along with winter coats. The donated items are being distributed to many East Tennessee veterans in need this winter season.

Midway FFA Club

Midway FFA Club with gift bags

Harriman High School: St. Jude Children's Hospital

by Tina Ruffner
Harriman High School FCCLA officers, Lindsey Seymour, Bridget Treadway, Sarah Cornett, and Megan Snow, sold candy-grams for Valentine's Day, to raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital. The officers sold and delivered the candy-grams during their lunch period for this worthy cause.

FCCLA & St. Jude Children's Hospital

Harriman High School: FCCLA & "The Chase"

by Tina Ruffner
On October 19th, several members of the Harriman High School FCCLA participated in "The Chase", a 5K and one mile fun walk, to raise money for Infant Loss Awareness. Members participating were: Megan Snow, Lindsey Seymour, and Alexis Lombardo. These members were also joined by the FCCLA sponsor, Tina Ruffner.

Chase Race

Harriman High School Operation Christmas Child

by Tina Ruffner
Harriman High School FCCLA partnered with FCA and Interact to wrap, fill, and ship 27 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child is a project sponsored by Samaritan's Purse to provide school supplies, personal hygiene products, and toys for needy children throughout the world. Sponsors fill shoe boxes with gifts and wrap the boxes as Christmas presents. The boxes are then shipped world wide to needy children.

Christmas Child

Christmas Child

Christmas Child

Christmas Child

Roane County High School SkillsUSA Tennessee Valley Fair 2013

Congratulations to Christian Hawkins, Devan Tobey, and DJ Matthews who placed 1st, 4th and 5th respectively in the SkillsUSA Advertising Design Contest at the Tennessee Valley Fair in September 2013.


Rockwood High School SkillsUSA Tennessee Valley Fair 2013

FCCLA and Skills USA students competed in local competitions at the TV& I fair in Knoxville on 9–9–13. FCCLA students in Family and Consumer Science finished with a 4th and 8th. Place in muffin baking of over 300 entries. SkillsUSA students in Automotive Technology classes return with a 2nd Place in Automotive Electrical and 3rd Place in Automotive Mechanical. SkillsUSA students in Construction Technology classes won 2nd Place in Occupational Safety Display, 1st Place in Miscellanies Display (small table); 1st Place in Construction Core Display, and 4th. place in Miscellanies Display (large floor)


Harriman High School FCCLA Tennessee Valley Fair 2013

Congratulations to the winners of the Flour & Muffin Making Contest at the Tennessee Valley Fair.

Junior Division   Senior Division
3rd Place: Rose Byers   1st Place: Summer Webb
4th Place: Britni Barry   5th Place: Amber Frost
6th Place: Kayleigh   7th Place: Garrett Greene
7th Place: Kaitlin Cruz   8th Place: Madison Duncan

Roane County Outstanding CTE Student of the Year

by Teresa Woods-Owens
Taylor Miller, a senior at Oliver Springs High School, is the Roane County Outstanding CTE Student of the Year for 2013. She is the daughter of Mike and Patricia Miller of Oliver Springs. Students are nominated by their program instructors. They are judged on the following criteria: Essay, Resumé, Attendance in High School, Grades, Career Goals related to CTE, CTE Classes Taken, CTSO Competitions - Local/State, CTSO Competitions - National, CTSO Leadership - Officer, Attire - (Only for the final 5 interview process), Personality - (Only for the final 5 interview process).

Below is an excerpt of the essay she submitted for the award.

Taylor MillerTaylor Miller

My career goals consist of many things. I think it is a well–known factor today to say that people want to be successful in life and support a prosperous career, such as myself; however, I have also been given a passion to help and serve people. The career I would like to pursue during college is to become a Registered Nurse. Furthermore, throughout high school I have been given the opportunity to participate and in some cases lead in CTE programs. My junior year I was allowed to take a Health Science class and participate in HOSA. This is the Health Occupation Students of America. Taking this CTE class has given me a tremendous head start on my future career and allowed me to further carry on my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse.

My focus area was in Business Technology. With this focus, I have taken four CTE classes. My freshman year I took a course in Computer Applications. This year I have taken Desktop Publishing, Advanced Computer Applications, and Interactive Multimedia. Throughout all of these classes I have learned how to apply the concept of publishing, layout and design. I have also been given the opportunity to evaluate career opportunities and career paths while demonstrating skills required within any field that I choose to follow. The medical field today heavily relies on technology. The skills I have learned and continue to learn will greatly help me throughout my career. Not only will I be further knowledgeable about the constant changes to technology, but it will help me keep track of patients, charts, and other medical information that I may not have been able to do without the help of my CTE experience.

Throughout my high school career I have been blessed enough to have been taught and given the opportunity to excel in CTE programs. I have learned so much already; however, as a senior who is about to graduate and start a whole new chapter I still continue to learn and improve the skills I have gained already. Right now, I am currently being certified in Microsoft Word. I will be taking the Microsoft Office Specialist Test (MOS) in April, which will ultimately help me in the future with job opportunities. My certification will help me utilize all of my skills learned and will support me when jobs arise. I will then become more employable not only because of my CTE experience but because of my Microsoft Word certification.

Throughout all of high school I have been given opportunities to lead many of my fellow peers in many ways. My personality has always and will always prove me to be a leader. My heart is in leading. For example, in one of our school clubs, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) I am the president. Throughout my three years participating in FBLA I have learned so many aspects of leading that have guided me all the way. Not only leading in business aspects but in life. Leading as captain of the cheerleading team I have had to take characteristics of leadership that came with FBLA and apply that to how I lead my team. I am also an officer of my senior class. It takes patience and guidance to lead a hundred students successfully. I have to lead by example. This year I am participating in Management Decision Making with two of my other peers in FBLA. With help from each of us we placed third in Regionals and I plan to help lead our team to winning at state this year. I am also proved to be a leader in my church. I am a small group leader and am placed with the responsibility to lead a bible study, pray, and support my group. God is number one in my life and through his example I will lead in everything that I do. No matter if it is leading a group project at school, a cheerleading team, or a youth group at church, I know how to lead because of a sinless man who came to lead us all. That is the leader I strive to be.

Roane County High School - Agriscience

Horses at RCHSHorses at RCHSHorses at RCHSHorses at RCHSAgriscience Class at Roane County High School - April 16, 2013 Mrs. Skinner, the CTE Instructor, brought horses to school for the students to illustrate the skeletal system they had been studying in class regarding animal anatomy, involving the major joints that makeup the horse's body.









Roane County High School - FCCLA

by Mary Anne Fiorillo
Makaylia BailesFamily, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) went to the Tennessee Valley Fair, on Monday September 10, 2012. Our FCCLA Chapter at Roane County High School enrolled 15 members this year. This is our second year and we had a 50% increase in membership over last year. The Tennessee Valley is a big event of the year that helps to draw membership. Both years we have participated in the Lily Flour muffin baking contest. Last year we won 5th place in the junior division. This year Makaylia Bailes took 2nd place in the Senior Division among hundreds of contestants.Makaylia Bailes

Makaylia Bailes











Harriman High School - FCCLA

by Tina Ruffner
Bridget Treadway & Caitlin FryeMadison Duncan & Emily LaRueThe winners of the Flour Muffin Making Contest at the TVA & I Fair on Sept. 10, 2012 are pictured to the right. There were over 350 entries . The fair area of competition would be all of East Tennessee. There are two divisions (Junior : for 9th graders) and (Senior: for 10-12th graders). Students are judged on appearance, taste, nutrition, and originality, and correct specification of the recipe.

Senior Division: 1st Place Bridget Treadway 6th Place Caitlin Frye

Junior Divison: 1st Place Madison Duncan 3rd Place Emily LaRue





Roane County High School – FBLA

by Sharon Lacasse

Roane County High School FBLA members

Left to right: Front Row: Morgan Snow, Annabelle Anderson, Allison Taylor; Back Row: Christian Hawkins, Morgan Mullins, Ben Palmer, Shayla Butler and Tony Metheny
The FBLA Conference for Region 7 was held at Roane State Community College on Friday, February 8, 2013. Congratulations to the following Roane County High School Students for their awards in the competition:
2nd Place Public Speaking II, Christian Hawkins
2nd Place Health Care Administration, Annabelle Anderson
2nd Place Impromptu Speaking, Morgan Snow
2nd Place Cyber Security, Ben Palmer
3rd Place Business Law, Morgan Mullins
4th Place Management Decision Making, Allison Taylor and Shayla Butler
4th Place Job Interview, Tony Metheny
All regional winners are eligible to advance to FBLA State competitions in Chattanooga, TN held April 8–10.

Oliver Springs High School - FBLA

by Teresa Woods
Oliver Springs High School FBLA membersOSHS FBLA Officers have been extremely busy organizing activities for the chapter. A community service activity was held in November for the Operation Christmas Child creating shoeboxes to be sent overseas. Mrs. Rhonda Kodman and Ms. Cindy Sinn helped with the workshop. Over 50 boxes were filled with items and packaged to be delivered to needy children. Members participated in the Operation REACH program for Roane County in December 2012. Can tabs are being delivered to the Knoxville Ronald McDonald House to help pay for families to have a place to stay while a child is in Children's Hospital. Books were collected for the Literacy Program and donated to a second grade class in the county. Click the image for a gallery.

OSHS FBLA Officers
President: Taylor Miller
VP: Kellie Ball
Secretary/Treasurer: Char-Lee Roberts
Public Relations: Becca Morgan
Region 7 Representative: Kelly Melvin

The Oliver Springs Chapter of FBLA competed in the Region 7 competition at Roane State Community College on Friday, February 8, 2013. FBLA members from 13 counties participated in the competition. The following students placed in their respective competitions:
1st place in Spreadsheet Applications - Brittany Armstrong
1st place in Desktop Publishing (Team Event) - Kaylee Morgan and Allison Duncan
2nd place in Word Processing II – Brooke Gallaher
3rd place in Management Decision Making (Team Event) - Taylor Miller, Nicole Bashant and Becca Morgan
3rd place in Job Intervies – Kellie Ball
4th place in Personal Finance – Kyle McGee
4th place in FBLA Principles and Procedures – Josh Lowe
5th place in Business Math – Lillian Blair
5th place in Business Procedure – Kelly Melvin

Open Event Testing: 2nd place in Leadership – Victoria Cox
2nd place in Advertising – Kellie Ball
Kelly Melvin served Region 7 as an officer.
These students will be traveling to Chattanooga to compete on the state level in April. Teresa Woods is the adviser.

Midway High School - FBLA

Taylor Whitehead

Taylor Whitehead placed 2nd in Spreadsheet Applications at the FBLA Regionals at RSCC. Great Job!

Watson and Cowell

Midway High School students Emily Watson and Dakota Cowell placed 4th and 5th respectively in Word Processing at the FBLA Regionals at RSCC. Congratulations! Beth Ladd is the advisor.

Midway Career Fair – "From Banks to Snakes?" Get the RCN story here.













Harriman High School - DECA

Harriman High School performed well at the Regional Conference in 2013. The following students placed in competition: Marissa Burkhardt‐Quick Service Restaurant Management, Caitlyn Hester & Kristen Patterson‐Business Services Marketing, Dallas Swicegood‐Automotive Services Marketing Series, Josh Lively & Evan Ford‐Marketing Communications Team Decision Making, Darian Boyd & Haley Goldston‐Travel and Tourism Marketing Team Decision Making, Jamesha Westfield‐Marketing Management, Addison Martin‐Apparel & Accessories Marketing Series. Elizabeth Borum is the advisor.

Video: Harriman High School DECA Conference 2013